It’s time for something good.

In the wake of all that has been sad around here lately, it was so nice to spend a day rejoicing.  It was so nice… to finally have something good.

This is the story of Sam & Andy’s amazing wedding day.  It went a little something like this:

When no mirror is available?  It’s the handy iphone to the rescue!

Oh goodness.  This one may even end up on my wall!

Sammy was such a stunning bride.  Absolutely breathtaking.

Facebook profile pic?  Yes?

Don’t worry Sam.  I won’t tell annnnnyone what you were talking about here…. ; )

There are so many caption possibilities for this picture.  I’m just going to keep my mouth shut.

Possibly one of my favorite pictures ever.  LOVE this!!!

The setting for this wedding was perfection.  

Did I mention how incredibly classy this shindig was?  

Loved the photobooth wall!

I have a feeling this kind of service has a lot to do with a long and happy marriage!

Possibly the most romantic first dance ever.  Strands of glowy lights strung from a huge Oak tree…  

Just magical.

The answer is yes.  They really rode this from their wedding.  In their wedding attire.  Plus helmets… of course. 

Now this is the way to make a grand exit!  Notice the bouquet mid-air, thrown on the way out.

Sam and Andy.  Your day was lovely.  Perfect.  Full of joy and love.  We wish you much more of the same in your marriage.This day was made even more perfect by the people who organized it, brought the creativity out and polished it up: Lindsey Gibson of Gibson Events and fantabulous flowers by Poppy Lane Design.  And to those who recorded it in an over-the-top amazing way: Visual Poet Studios.  Check back here in two weeks for the link to view the full wedding!

4 thoughts on “It’s time for something good.

  1. What a wedding! It seemed to have the flavor of what we used to call a “happening”. I wish I could have been there. It’s hard to pick a favorite picture, but I think mine has to be the “grand exit” with bouquet flung high in the air. I hope someone caught it. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  2. It’s SO refreshing to see someone do a whimsical, genuine, soul-lifting wedding instead of the pretentious, zillion-dollar ego extravaganzas many have become. Mason Jars and tree lights? That’s perfect. Thanks for posting it!

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