Opening Night!

I firmly believe that 50% of the people who attended The Artistry of Professional Photographers exhibit’s opening night… were just there for the candy.  Well, at least 10%Loved the entry wall we did with older professional photos submitted by people in the community!Even on a wet, cold Thursday evening, we had almost 200 people come through the exhibit on Opening Night!They looked through the sample albums…They listened to the music that inspired each of the works…They watched as David Scott, representing the group, presented Jo Mueller, Executive Director of Spiva, with a $700 donation!And after examining each of the photos,they picked up a skittle…and voted for their favorite to win the “People’s Choice” award!I really shouldn’t post who won, because it wasn’t me, but I know you’ll ask – so here it is.  It was Josh Carter of Life Captured Photography.
And I’ll admit.  His metal mural was Fabulous!  But if you saw him eating some of the Skittles out of my jar, you’d tell me, right?Second place went to Brian Demint of Eyeworks Photography.  Here he is with his model.  Hmmm, I guess everybody looks different when they’re not wrapped from head to toe in black electrical tape….Stephanie Lagow took the dare to listen to Brian’s ear-piercing song!Deb Anderson of Artistic Expressions went for the “Awwwww” with a sweet mom and baby pic.Mark Neuenschwander of 9art Photography favored an action shot with his signature cool flash effect.Stephen Lagow had a stunning personal piece – the hands of his parents. Beautiful.Kelly Lawson and his daughter pose by his gorgeous senior portrait.And here’s Dave, probably laughing at me about something….  This wedding photo was shot from high atop a ladder placed right in the middle of a road!  Brave man.And then there’s me.A big thanks to Natalie Demint, who was our official photographer for the event.  Most of these photos are by her.  Great job Natalie!!!Here’s a little behind-the-scenes action for you.  Bet you didn’t know that Deb and Angela of Artistic Expressions do all their photography shooting with only iphones!!!  Okay, okay – I’m kidding!  But you can actually take a pretty good picture with one of those little things!
The group of photographers I’ve SO enjoyed getting to know (unfortunately missing a few)!  LtoR Brian Demint of Eyeworks Photography, Deb Anderson of Artistic Expressions Photography, Julie Stephens of Calotype Photography, Kelly Lawson of Kelly Lawson Photography, Josh Carter of Life Captured Photography, Angela Spieker of Artistic Expressions Photography, Mark Neuenschwander of 9art Photography, and David and Whitney Scott of Whitney Scott Photography.Not only are they encouraging as artists… they can be pretty fun as well!  Thanks for an awesome show everyone!

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