The Wedding of Michelle and Joe

I could write a book about this one.  But I won’t.  Because then it would make Michelle cry, and then I would cry, and you might too – and then we would all be a mess, when what we really should be is just happy.  Because this day was happy.  Standing-room only happy.  Dress-twirling happy.  Well, just see for yourself.To Michelle and Joe, whose patience and trust paid off with the right person… at the right time.  May your life together be so, so blessed.

12 thoughts on “The Wedding of Michelle and Joe

  1. The JOY oozing out of Michelle makes me want to cry, then there are the adorable kids! Oh, gracious! What a day! (Totally love spit-bubble dude. Little known fact about me: spit bubble champion. I’m challenging him now. Bring it on.)

  2. Love, love, love the pictures! Michelle’s beauty AND personality SO wonderfully captured! The total joy of both Joe and Michelle on their beautiful wedding day is forever etched in our memories…and in the amazing pictures. Ahh-mazing photography ~ Kudos!

  3. Okay, we know we are on our honeymoon and not supposed to be on the computer, but we could not help ourselves. The pictures of our wedding are awesome, Dave and Whit, you did a great job capturing our wedding day! YOU ROCK, we love you guys!!

  4. Dale & Whitney,

    You did an awesome job of capturing the love and devotion between Joe and Michelle in each picture. Congrats!

  5. What outstanding pictures! When I looked at these pictures they immediately put a smile on my face and I could feel the love they fill the room with. I am so happy for Joe and Michelle…they are a cute couple!

  6. What a lovely couple captured in the moments of true love! Dave & Whitney…your work is stunning.

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