I’m Lovin’ Love!

Meet the winners of our Facebook “Feel the Love” contest:  Sam (Samantha) and Andy.  Don’t hate them for winning a romantic night on the town.  They’re in the top 2% of nice people in the world.
I totally made that statistic up, but only because I’m fairly sure it’s true.This is why I normally don’t tell my clients to say “cheese”… because it looks, well, cheesy.Who knew doing laundry could be so romantic?  And who knew love could smell so April fresh?Here’s a first!  Although Andy and Sam were already engaged, he was having a ring custom-made for her and it wasn’t ready yet.  He called me the week before saying he was picking it up and wanted to surprise her with it during the session!  LOVE surprises during sessions!!!A perfect fit!Favorite expression ever!!!This picture makes me want to play a random song from the seventies.  Suggestions?

Don’t you  just LOVE love?  Congrats you two!  Can’t wait for your wedding this summer!!!

4 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ Love!

  1. GREAT shots! You SO caught the moment AND their emotions…. My song pix is……I Want to Hold Your Hand!

  2. I loved all the pixs but the baby curled up in the green iron chair was PRECIOUS!!!!!!

    Loved the creative set ups and “sounds with picture” at Spiva. Hope all got by to view.

  3. Love your work…. Love Michele…..one of our favorite workers! I think the song for the LOVE couple would have to be “top of the world” by the Carpenters!

  4. I would pick U2 beautiful day 🙂 it certainly was! You are so very talented at capturing these wonderful moments!

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