PhotoSpiva Kids

It’s almost time for PhotoSpiva, and around here, we’re pretty excited!  Our long-time blog followers will remember last year, when Emma participated in PhotoSpiva Kids (here’s the blog post about it) – a special exhibit for the photography of children.  This year we were honored to be asked to teach the class and be jurors on the exhibit.  Very exciting – and we’re looking forward to seeing some great work (and with school being out during the blizzard, are anticipating lots of pictures of… you guessed it – snow).

Watch our facebook page for details on PhotoSpiva kids, as well as another exciting announcement about a project we’re doing with Spiva – Coming Soon!!!!



One thought on “PhotoSpiva Kids

  1. This is exciting. I was one of the 10 from Joplin picked for the Adult Spiva so I can only imagine how exciting it must be to be apart the Spiva Kids photo contest. Those photos are some of my favorite : ) I’ll be watching for the upcoming posts. Good luck and how exciting!!

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