Last week Dave and I attended the Professional Photographer’s convention in San Antonio.  That fact has absolutely nothing to do with the pictures I’m about to show you… well, not really anyway.  It’s just this:  Being in the midst of 10,000 other professional photographers can make one feel kind of small.  Everyone we talked with was doing really neat things in their business.  Most everyone we met also was very talented in the art of photography.  And there is a real temptation in that kind of environment to feel as though you should go with the flow of what everyone else is doing.  You should buy this backdrop, use this particular lens, adopt this specific workflow or Photoshop technique.  You should charge this amount and use this studio management software and purchase this lighting system.  And – oh yeah, you should be creative… and different.

So this is me.  Rebelling.  Asking myself not “What is everyone else doing?” but “What do I want to be doing?”.  Why did I start this business in the first place?  What makes me forget what time it is and squat and roll around with my camera until my knees are grass-stained and my legs cramp?  What compels me to sit in front of the computer screen until my vision gets blurry and not get up to go to the bathroom until… well, you get where I’m going.  Where is my passion?  And how can I take that passion and make my days out of it?  Those are the questions I’m asking myself this year.  And you know, that’s not just a question just for photographers or just for me.  Maybe it’s a question for you too.

Here are some pictures I took in Dallas over Christmas – skating at the Galleria.  These?  I love.

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