My Own Personal GAP Ad

Just had to share the love we received in an email recently:

“The pictures arrived today and they are gorgeous!

I am so in love with my large print especially.  The quality is amazing!  I can’t wait to frame it and put it on the wall.

Thank you so much for taking so much time with my boys.  NO ONE has ever captured their personality like you have.

Thank you so much for these sweet memories.”


I just can’t say enough how AWESOME our clients are.  And really, with gorgeous boys like this – it’s hard to take a bad picture!  Don’t they look like they’re ready to go directly into the latest GAP ad?  These were taken in Fort Worth during our most recent round of Texas sessions.

Big brother is an amazing gymnast.  Just popped himself up on the railing of the stairs into the splits.  Simply looking at this picture hurts me a little….

Don’t think I’ve ever shown this before on the blog, but I love these templates that allow me to show photo groupings on a wall.  How cool is that?

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