Giving Thanks

On this day of grateful hearts, I think I should be clear:  there are a few things I’m really, really not thankful for.  I’ll admit it.  I, for one, am not so thankful for spiders.  I despise mini skirts (although this is not the fault of the skirt, but only my personal frustration at no longer being able to effectively wear one).  I loathe Sponge Bob.  I mean really?  A sponge with arms and legs that talks?  I’m also really miffed about the faint lines appearing around the corners of my eyes.  And pickled okra. But I’m really not sure why.

Beyond those few silly things there are only blessings.  We have friends who are as close as family – and family we consider friends.  A faith in an awesome God.  Good health.  Sweet home.  Work we enjoy, and wonderful clients who allow our work to sustain us financially.  Yes.  It is a great day to be thankful.


Here’s a wild, sweet girl I’m thankful for:And a funny, crazy boy…And… another funny, crazy boy.  

Here’s hoping today finds you counting your blessings.

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