Salado Sweetness

Wanted to share some images from our most recent travel sessions in Texas!  Loved this gorgeous spot in Salado.  The ruins of an old college up on a hill…gorgeous as the sun was going down!!!Such fun interaction between this brother & sister.  Silly one minute,and sweet the next.  And this one?  On my goodness – the most stuuuuunnnnning eyes I’ve ever seen!  Her eyelashes were long enough to get tangled together.  Amazing.Just so you know… I didn’t pose this picture. ; )So natural.  Love it.Of course, this is pretty darn natural too!Favorite.

Coming up!  Some fun sessions from this past weekend in Oklahoma City.  AND it was just decided this week that over Thanksgiving we will be in Little Rock!  We will be making ourselves available for THREE sessions while there (the rest of the time we’re going to be eating, visiting with relatives, eating, playing games, eating and napping).  If you’d like to claim one of those sessions as your own, contact us ASAP!

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