Lauren & Daniel are married!

Sorry ladies.  As of Saturday, this guy is officially off the market!  But, I’m getting ahead of myself….  Better start at the beginning. Kayla, you’ve got to explain this face to me!!! ha!The first look.Yep.  You’re seeing this right.  It’s a Bentley!  Leather like butter.  You should smell it inside.  Yum.Had a blast with these bridesmaids!  I think I could have asked them to stand on their heads and they would have given it a shot.Oh my.  Love this.  Can you tell that big brother is getting a talking to behind him?  Okay ladies.  If you’ve ever wondered how to know when you’ve found the right guy… it’s when he looks at you like this.  Lauren, you could not be more adored.  Love this picture.

Lauren & Daniel – it’s been a privilege getting to know you both.  We’ve loved sharing this time in your life.  Wishing you many blessings in your marriage.  Stay tuned!  The full wedding will be linked from here in a couple weeks!

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