How many kids??? Chicago – Part One

This picture should have never happened.

It’s insanity.

Any photographer who tells you, with a cheerful tone in their voice, that “yes! photographing six young children together will be a breeze!” is seriously smoking something.  Or delusional.  Or chased their coffee with a Red Bull.

Because when you have a photo session with six young children, this is what really happens:

So here’s what ends up happening:

I take two bodies from this picture,

and two whole children from this picture,and two whole kids from this picture…and a head from this picture…and do some serious editing to make it all look lovely.  And easy.Here are some other images from the same session that are incredibly lovely.  AND were wonderfully easy….Get ready New York!  We’ll be traveling up sometime this next year to do Hugo’s pictures in Central Park.  Couldn’t be more excited!!!This picture is screaming for a caption.  Make one up in your head right now.  Go on.  You  know you want to.

More Chicago sessions to come!  We’ll be in Texas for sessions in just a few weeks.  Contact us for more information!!!

6 thoughts on “How many kids??? Chicago – Part One

  1. What?! New York? I’m totally smuggling myself into someone’s suitcase.

    And the little guy with the glasses…I want to bring him home with me. He is too cute!

  2. Whitney, you are a genius! My parents love the photo and no one can tell it’s put together from 5 different pieces.

    I can’t wait for you to come shoot Hugo in NYC! He will have a new baby sister in July so hopefully you can shoot both of them!

    To the commenter Sarah: The little guy with the glasses is my sweet nephew Jake and he is even more irresistible in person!

  3. I’m the grandma they did the pictures for and I was thrilled!! You did a fantastic job! I would recommend you to anyone!! These pictures were the best gift ever!

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