Grab yer boots – Texas, here we come!!!

Yep!  I know that “yer” is not a word, but sometimes it’s just plain fun to be grammatically incorrect, ain’t it?  Just getting my Texas on, people!  We’ll be down in the Dallas, Temple & Austin area October 20-26th.  Email us or sign up on our facebook page to get details on how you can claim a spot in the creative craziness!

This sweet family is from our last round of Texas sessions.  These gorgeous girls were coordinated perfectly for pictures!  Just a moment of serendipity that landed us in a spot with black-eyed susans!

People often ask  me “What kind of pictures do you take?” (to which I’m tempted to reply – “Good ones!”).  For family sessions we typically do three kinds of shots:  traditional like this one, where everyone is posed and looking at the camera.  This is a more contemporary traditional – still smiley, but slightly less posed and usually in a unique location.Then there’s “artistic”.  Obviously, these kind are my favorite and what most people come to us for.  I love the way images like this feel, and they truly are “art” for your wall.

I’m editing like crazy.  Can’t wait to show you all the fun images we’ve been working on!

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