No Tree-hugging Here!

I am so not a traditionalist.  My furniture is not cherry wood and does not match.  You’ll not find pressed black trousers in my wardrobe (and, other than this post, I defy you to catch me even saying the word “trousers”).  When it comes to Senior pictures, I do not favor hands on the chin and tree-hugging.  I do however like trees (and hugging… just not in a picture-taking context).  I just prefer to use them in a less traditional way….Amethyst, you’re a natural in front of the camera!Gorgeous!  Both tree AND girl. : )We decided this picture reminds us of the Twilight series.  One of my favorite senior pictures EVER!!!  (team jacob, btw)

There’s nothing better than a beautiful girl who’s willing to do crazy tomboy things, like climbing trees.  Just wait for Ame’s winter session.  We’re thinking formal dresses and dirt bikes!!!

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