Kitchen Camera

I don’t want to turn into one of those photographers.  You know, the ones who have all these great photographs of everyone else’s families and children, but not their own.  BUT, I also don’t want all my photos of my children to be those where I’ve dressed them perfectly and taken them to a favorite location.  I want pictures of everyday life as it happens.  Which is why I keep a camera on the shelf in my kitchen – in the middle of everything – ready at a moment’s notice.  So I can be ready when someone shows up naked on the kitchen table (not pictured) or someone finds it appropriate to dress in scuba gear for their bath (another post).  Or when a rare moment of pillow-fort-reading & snuggling happens.

Because the best moments don’t happen when you schedule them.  They usually happen when you’re pulling the sour cream out of the fridge.

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Camera

  1. I LOVE the last shot! It totally captured me and I had to take a second and third look. So crisp and vivid with a beautifully shallow depth of field! That, along with the unique angle/orientation made it grab me and I just had to comment!

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