Introducing “Year One”

It seems the fad in baby photography over the last several years is a “baby plan”.  I’m not a fan of fads, unless I am among the first, and then as soon as everyone else jumps on board, I’m ready to get off.  Which is why, when asked if we had a baby plan I’ve always said “no!”.  I’m a purist!  A non-conformist!

Oh well.  Forget my high and mighty talk.  I gave in.  For the sake of our wonderful clients who really deserve a special bundling of sessions for their baby’s first year.  Here it is, part of our unfolding “Life Collection”.  We call it “Year One”.  And, get this.  It’s the entire first year of sessions plus a bonus folio for $250.  Interested?  Contact us for the complete PDF file.

Here’s a recent newborn session to give you a little taste of the sweetness:

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