Traveling for Inspiration

Have I said anything lately about how much I love doing travel sessions?  There’s something so fun & exciting about being in a new place and finding new locations to photograph.  And here’s a little secret for you – if the photographer is feeling creative and inspired, your pictures are going to be creative and inspired too.  This family’s home in Salado, TX was an inspiration to me.  A green home with very little clutter (something I’m definitely not used to!) and lots of gorgeous natural light!  I won’t even mention the inflatable deer.  Even though I just did.  Oops.  Strike that.

and did I happen to mention… gorgeous children too?Hello cute little hammy man.*Sigh*  Love the curls.Not sure why I love this family picture so much.  There’s something both formal and quirky about it at the same time… not two traits I would normally put together.

More Texas sessions to post soon!  Want to be included in our next group of travel sessions?  We’re currently planning upcoming trips to Chicago, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Little Rock.  Join us on facebook to get all the details!

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