Baby Natalee

There are not many things I like about growing older.  But today there is one.  It is the privilege of watching the lives of people you love unfolding.

Garrett and Erin were in our youth group when David was a youth minister.  We watched their love for each other develop during high school and college, were with them on the ski trip to Colorado when Garrett asked Erin to be his wife.  We photographed their wedding and have seen their spiritual life mature through being in a church small group with them.  We were so excited when they told us a baby was on the way, and insisted that it would be a girl (after years of Garrett’s rough-housing and wrestling on our living room floor, it HAD to be a girl).  And it is.  And we couldn’t be happier for our sweet friends.  Welcome baby Natalee.

And just so you know, I’m not playing favorites here.  Erin just wasn’t feeling her prettiest – : )  We’ll get her picture later.
our kids are smitten as well….

Many blessings to you both, as you move into this sweet new phase of life.

6 thoughts on “Baby Natalee

  1. Precious….so happy for them…her lips, her eyes, her nose…God is amazing. Two special people, Garrett and Erin, who will be awesome parents…God is good 🙂 Love the pictures Whitney!

  2. Don’t know precious Garrett, but the look on his face in that first picture hurts my heart, especially after reading about him growing up. It’s kind of a “what-have-I-done/ I-can’t-believe-how-much-I-love-this-squirmy-ball-of-flesh” look. Wonderful.

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