Why I spent two days in the heat… and loved it!

When the heat index reaches 105, there is little that could seduce me to come outside.  Canton, TX First Monday Trade Days turned out to be the exception.  This place, in case you have been in a cave somewhere and don’t know, is 28 acres of flea market craziness.  My sweet husband kept the kids for two days alone while I went with some girlfriends to brave the heat for some bargains.  You will, however, not see a trace of me or my friends in these photos.  We were dripping pools of sweaty loveliness.  No one should have to see that.  Here are some photos of Texas at it’s biggest and best.BOOT JEWELRY!!!  I’m not kidding.Jewelry everywhere!  Most of it so massive and sparkly – I’m clearly not Texan enough to wear it.Speaking of massive.  Turkey Legs!!!!Nope.  This is not a corn dog.  It’s a fried Snickers.  And no.  I did not eat it all by myself.  That would be insanity.  (but oh what delicious insanity)This is a fried Twinkie.  Can’t you just feel your arteries clogging?This was my favorite spot.  Girls Gone Junkin. So creatively inspiring.  These ladies are amazing!!!!  

A wonderful weekend with my sweet friends.  Next time I’ll go back in half as much heat… with twice as much money!

2 thoughts on “Why I spent two days in the heat… and loved it!

  1. Awwww. just read your blog and saw your pics of Canton….Can ya see the BIG TEXAS SMILE on my face??? Thanks soooo much for posting pics of our booth and giving us a “shout out”!!! Yes, it was a HOT one…..we are soooo hoping that Labor Day Weekend will be a little cooler!!! Come back and see us when you can…….We LOVE our customers! Happy junkin….Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  2. That looked so FUN!!!! I did love the creative booth Girls Gone Junkin had. I’m sure you and the girls weren’t “sweating”, but “SPARKLING”!!!!! AND that was sweet of David to keep the kids. See you and the new van soon. Love, Grammy

    Maybe “Girls Gone Junkin” will send you a DISCOUNT COUPON for your next purchase. Those photos are so good they could post them for advertising.. You did GREAT…..as usual.

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