Eureka Springs Wedding

It’s unusual for us to attend a wedding when we aren’t actually photographing it, but this weekend we did just that… stuffing our faces with cake and shushing our children like normal guests do.  Meghan is the best friend of my youngest sister.  We did her Senior pictures.  She’s such a sweet, fun girl (you always say “girl” instead of “woman” when it’s the friend of a little sister – : ).  The wedding was a simple affair, with no professional photographer.  I tried to sit in my seat and do nothing, but what can I say?  I had a camera in my lap.  I couldn’t stand it!  Anybody want to guess how much the groom spent on his wedding ring?
The Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs is such a gorgeous spot for a wedding.  The reception was at the Crescent Hotel.  Such an elegant venue with LOTS of places for great photos.  Actually, all of Eureka Springs screams out “take pictures of me!”.  Anybody want to travel there for a session?  Just rent us a spot at a cute little B&B and we’re there!My sister Sarah is the bridesmaid on the right.  I can’t believe she’s old enough that her friends are getting married.  Someday it will be her….  How in the world am I going to photograph that?Obviously our children are not used to attending weddings.  They don’t yet know cake etiquette.
Like how you don’t just go over to the cake table and put your mouth on the piece that you want.  (By the way, Ben is not blinking in this photo.  He really has his eyes closed, because as you know, when you are 3 years old, if you have your eyes closed – no one can see you!)Emma tried really hard to be a proper lady…but ended up failing miserably.You’d think the grandparents would be a calming influence….but in the end, it was still a beautiful day.

Meghan & Kenny,

Our prayers for your marriage and new life together!

One thought on “Eureka Springs Wedding

  1. Such wonderful and funny photography…We’re bias. This was such a fun wedding and a special memory. We loved our vacation together! Hope it is one of many to come. Love you all sooooo! Mom and Ronnie

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