And Now for Something Completely Different

I’ve been looking over the blog and realize that we’ve kind of been on wedding/engagement overload.  So without further ado… something completely different.  KIDS!  And some pretty cute ones at that. : )   (For those interested in the details, the following image was shot at F1.8 – not something I would normally attempt with a child this age, but love this effect!) 

I love the clothing choices mom made for the kids.  One option that was a little funky & colorful, another more simple… really gave us some good variety!I’m posting the next two pictures to show that yes, I can take sweet images of kids this age… but… the very last two pics are my favorite.  Why?  You’ll see!Because THIS is the crazy fun reality of kids.  I’ve got to find a great spot to display this pic!!!

We’re busy planning our upcoming trips to Chicago, North/Central Texas and Oklahoma City.  If you’re interested in receiving information on how you can be photographed in any of these places, send us an email or join us on facebook for more information!

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