Tori & Randall are married

It was our great pleasure to photograph Tori & Randall’s wedding this weekend in Bentonville.  For every wedding we photograph, we always hope to capture not just the images, but the emotions of the day.  And as you’ll see, this wedding was absolutely filled with excitement, joy… and lots of love.

Our blessings to Tori and Randall on the start of your new life together.  And our thanks to your sweet families, for making our job such a pleasure.

3 thoughts on “Tori & Randall are married

  1. These are all so inspiring and lovely! I especially love the piano shot and the tile reflection kiss! Whitney Scott officially now I see….looks great!

  2. These shots are beautiful!! They capture the love and happiness that this couple has for each other.

    Awesome job of picture taking!! These make me feel like I am there again for the beautiful wedding! So glad that they were made available to view.


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