I-Spy and Raindrops and Me, Oh My!

Seriously?  It’s hard to be humble when you look this good.  Something about these Spiva aprons really does something for us.  I’m thinking… Christmas card picture?

We had a great time this past week teaching photography for Spiva’s summer arts program.  First up?  A wall art installation with raindrops!This one of Dave’s going in my wallet!Connor sports his spiffy photo t-shirt!Doesn’t this picture just make you feel warm and fuzzy?  Don’t you just want to come on in and let me teach you all about photographing using interesting angles?  Let the picture-taking begin!Up the nose shots are, for some reason, a favorite….When the weather is in the nineties, every day is popsicle day!  Love these handy spiva aprons with popsicle pockets. : )Next, it was off to hunt for letters….and by letters, I mean non-traditional letters.  See this?  “P”!Love this one of EMMA!KAI And then there’s the photo booth.  Great fun after a sugary popsicle high!Crafty magnetsImpressive half-self-portraits:And the kids’ favorite activity by a WIDE margin:  stop-motion photography!  Here are some shots from our first attempt (scroll to the next post to view it in motion!).Some of their own attempts:And a sneak peek from an upcoming video from the last day of class… coming soon!maybe we shouldn’t show this to the big donors…. ; )Our own custom I-spy!  Overall, a fun-filled crazy week.  

A big thank you and “we owe you one” to our helpers Aubrey and Allison!   And thanks to our class for being the most AWESOME EVER!!!  The last video will be up soon!

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