Photography for Moms Class

This is Gracie.  And no.  She was not the youngest member of my photography class.

She was the model (and a mighty fine one at that)!She managed to do all kinds of twirls and jumps…in these shoes.  Oh my.  Can I tell you how much fun this was?  These ladies were a blast.  Made me wish the class was more than just two sessions.There is one slight disadvantage of having second and third and fourth and fifth shooters….  You  never know when someone is taking a picture of you!  Here’s me in the brown, taking the next shot….Love it!My favorite of the day.

When I get some more photos sent to me from our class participants, I’ll be posting those also!  Thanks to our fabulous model, Gracie.  AND this just in from Spiva:  the class went so well, we’re planning on doing it again in September!  Stay-tuned to our Facebook page for more information.

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