So here’s how the photography class I taught inspired me, too!  One of the assignments was to begin gathering images for a book – one of the topic options being “A Day in the Life”.  So this morning I started mine.  I discovered that while it’s not a challenge for me to find images I want to photograph, what’s difficult is deciding how best to narrow down what best tells the story of what a day is like at our house.  I’m finding that what I’m going for is less concrete and more abstract.  Less showing – more feeling.  Hard to describe.  Just see what I mean.

I was surprised at how many of my favorite images didn’t include my children’s faces at all, just the feeling of them.  I was also surprised at how messy my glass front door is, but then I convinced myself that it just adds to the feeling of “this is my life”. : )  It’s tempting as a photographer to find yourself looking at photography as only your job, but most people who are in the business of photography came to it because of a love of the art.  Personal projects like these remind me why I love taking photographs, and why I love my life.

One thought on “Morning

  1. Awesome! And only you could make the dirty glass in the door beautiful! This inspires me to get my camera out.

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