Take a little Texas when you go

These are our friends Jeff & Amy.

Jeff was a groomsman at our wedding.

Amy was the most beautiful barefoot bride.

They’ve spent the last five years as medical missionaries in Paraguay.

They’ve also made lots of lovely children.

Here’s what’s amazing about this picture to me:  I’ve got TWO children and can’t get them to sit still for a picture.  They’ve got FIVE (and a half), and look how well-behaved!  You’d never know they were being eaten alive my mosquitos.At least not until I gave them permission to have a “scratching break”.We love this precious family.And I reallllllly love that Amy was willing to do this for me.Beautiful.

This family is headed back to Paraguay in July.  They are doing wonderful work caring for the people in the community where God has placed them.  If you’re looking for a fantastic, worthwhile ministry to support, I would encourage you to visit their blog and learn more about this sweet family.

P.S. – It’s a girl!

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