What do you cherish?

I’m going to get this photo blown up big to hang on my wall. It is so precious. Of course, those of you who know me will wonder why I would want this, when it’s clearly not my little boy… but there is actually a very good reason:it’s my husband.

From the date on the photograph, I figure he’s exactly the age that our son Ben is right now. And see that wad of brown pillow under his head? That is Charlie, the puppy my husband slept with all through his childhood… the very same puppy our little boy snuggles up with every night now.

I’m so thankful that David’s dad was so good with his film camera back in the 70’s, and that they took the time to archive all those slides so we can sit through slideshows at Christmastime and see the way our children are growing to look like their parents. I’m a great lover of photography – especially where my children are concerned. Every time I sort through photographs we’ve taken, I realize how quickly our children change, and how precious every stage of their development is to me. And I know (I know because I’m a Dave Ramsey fan too), that good professional photography can seem expensive and it’s sometimes difficult to justify as a “need”, but when I look at this photograph of my husband, I realize how quickly this moment passed, and how quickly my little boy will grow past this precious stage, and I know that I wouldn’t trade a new dress for this image, or a dinner at a restaurant, or a month’s worth of Starbucks (and I realllllly love Starbucks). Your photographs are what will last. These are the memories you get to keep.

3 thoughts on “What do you cherish?

  1. This is so beautifully stated! So true about the special pictures we have. How many people find themselves saying what the first thing is they would grab in a fire….PICTURES!!! And such a wonderful picture of David, amazing how beautiful of a picture with no processing too!

  2. How precious!!!!!! I LOVE it! You’re so right, these moments pass by rather quickly, some times, it’s just not fair! Love the plaid couch by the way! My parents had a similar plaid couch!!!!!

  3. How could I not comment about this precious picture/blog. What a treasure. That is what I love about you Whitney. You see things that a “mom” might not be able to. A precious glance, a smirk, that certain smile…for those special times when you notice these moments…I want to say thank you. You’ve taken precious photos of my family and this is what I say, My Family is My Treasure, that goes for my priceless photos I take to Hobbey Lobby to become framed. They are worth more than any Rembrandt in the world…adorable picture David Scott!

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