First Photo Exhibit – and it’s not ours!

This was an exciting weekend for someone in our family.Emma participated in her first photography exhibit through Spiva Center for the Arts.  To go along with their yearly international photo competition, PhotoSpiva, they also have a class and exhibit for children.  Each child was given a disposable camera to take home for two weeks.  We turned the camera in, they developed the photos, chose several for display and voila!  Emma was so proud when we attended her opening reception on Sunday.  Emma got interviewed about her artwork.  I think what is so neat about this exhibit is the opportunity to see things from a child’s point of view.  There are pictures of animals, all kinds of things outdoors, toys, self-portraits, and my personal favorite – kids shoes.  As adults we are so inhibited about “creating” anything, always concerned about now other people will evaluate our art.  Children don’t have that little critical voice in their heads yet, and their eye is so refreshing because of that.The PhotoSpiva gallery downstairs was so inspiring – Emma and Gramps decided to “be the art” themselves!I’m so proud of my girl.PhotoSpiva and PhotoSpiva kids runs through April 25th.  Go see it!  You’ll be glad you did.  Oh, and the artwork is for sale!  Framed or prints.  Emma’s take will go to her college fund. : )

One thought on “First Photo Exhibit – and it’s not ours!

  1. How exciting! I heard about this on the news and thought what a great idea. I can not believe how big Emma is getting. Congrats to you all!

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