Happy birth day.

Sending out a big congratulations to our friends Tara and Gerardo on the birth of their little girl Sierra Grace!  Here are some pics from Tara’s maternity session we did a couple months ago.  Tara is a budding photographer herself, so I’m leaving all the baby pictures in her capable hands.  There’s nothing more fun than taking photos of your own children.  The problem?  Wall space!

I know, I know.  Tara is one hot mommy!  Here’s a tip for maternity pics.  Don’t wait until your last month of pregnancy to get them done!  Trust me.  That “pregnancy glow” everybody talks about?  It disappears after about the 7th month.  It is replaced by kankles. (email me if you want to know what that is).

Our heartfelt blessings to Tara and Gerardo.

One thought on “Happy birth day.

  1. Thanks so much for taking these, Whitney! They mean so much more than I ever imagined! I can’t wait to look through these pictures with Sierra later in life! You did a great job!

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