A sleeping child – from every angle

Let this be a lesson to you.  The next time your child falls over asleep from exhaustion at 7 o’clock in the evening, don’t sweetly scoop him up and carry him to his bed!  Do what a really good mother would do… photo experiment!!!  These are some shots I got of Ben over the holidays, when he got worn out at Nana & Papa’s.  About the only time you can do an experiment like this with your child is when they’re asleep (i.e. still).  Otherwise, try another inanimate object. : )  First?  We have a straight-on front angle.

I like this one because he’s off to the side and it makes the shot more interesting (that old tried and true “rule of thirds”).  I also like the arm of the chair in the foreground – kind of frames the shot and leads you in.Sometimes I like shots that show a sense of place.  But then, when you get in close you can see those sweet eyelashes and squishy cheeks…This one is the “mommy angle”.  Good if you want to remember a moment from what would be your normal point of view.
This is the typical straight-on picture most people would take.  Nothing wrong with it, but it needs something…Maybe black and white?A vintage tone makes the moment seem even sweeter…But then, I don’t think it takes much to make a moment like this sweet.In the end the most important thing isn’t how you take the picture.  It’s that you take the time to capture it at all.

Any favorites?  How would you have taken this shot?

4 thoughts on “A sleeping child – from every angle

  1. The last one is my favorite!! I think the angle truly gives it that “slowly slumped over” feel… SO sweet :o) And as a child of a mother that would’ve taken our picture (or ten) before taking us bed, I agree this is TOTALLY what a good mother does!!

  2. Don’t know why…..but I am all about the last one. My next favorite is the very first one….again, I can not tell you why. They just speak to me….a mommy that did INDEED take bunches of kid pictures. And now, Grandkid pictures! 🙂 Thanks for sharing as always.

  3. Very nice shots!

    My favorite is the closest shot. They are all very well composed, though. I suppose if I were to add a shot, it would be from the daddy angle — a shot that isolates just a bit of the hair, the eyes, nose, mouth and some of the cheeks. Ideally, it would be so close that the blond hair, cheeks, and chin would bleed into all edges causing something of a high-key frame around the child`s facial features that would be delicately shaded with natural light.

    My son is about the same age; when he is awake, he is always moving and clowns around cameras. Sleep time is the only time to get good closeups of him and take the time to compose, focus, and meter well.

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