A few favorites

We had such a crazy holiday season, I wanted to go back and share a few favorite Christmas cards.

In the past, I did purchase my card templates, but realized I didn’t want all our clients cards looking alike.  So now?  I custom-create them ALL.  Crazy?  Yes.  Fun?  Most of the time!Typically we’ll do a cool design on the front of the card based on a favorite pic…then fill in the rest with a collage.And sometimes?  We don’t manage to get all our holiday card sessions in before Christmas… so they turn into New Year’s cards (or in our personal situation, Valentines, or Easter….).This one has to take the prize for my favorite card of the year.  Something about it just says… “real life”.

Is it too early to book your holiday card session for next year?  Um, yes.  BUT we can do baby announcements, graduation announcements, thank you cards… or just notecards for any day.  Just another way to show your favorite people to the world.

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