A Field in Texas

As a photographer, this isn’t a problem you have every day.I mean, I never knew our photography was so popular in the four-legged community.This deer was watching my camera lens very closely.  Clearly he cares a great deal about depth of field (and frankly, with that nose, who wouldn’t?).
Emu or Alpaca?  Look of endearment or psycho-about-to-charge-at-you?We tried to make friends.Well, at least most of us did.And then things just started getting downright precious.This field we shot in was absolutely beautiful.  The grass was so soft, and when the sun shone through it… magic!See what I mean?  Wow.  I love this picture.
You know how you’re laying on the ground to get a shot, and when you get up you accidentally take a picture?  Okay, maybe you don’t.  But it happens to me all the time.  I’m soooooooo professional. : )  This one?  Actually turned out pretty cool.
How precious is this family?  Dave calls the boy in the middle “mini Brad Pitt”.Just for David I’ll say it.  Ahhhhhhh, Texas.We are planning another Texas trip late March/early April for bluebonnet sessions!  If you’re interested in getting in on this, shoot us an email or facebook note and we’ll put you on our “bluebonnet call” list!

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