Assignment: Texture

I don’t do this nearly often enough – give myself little photography assignments, but it’s so much fun, and really forces you to look at things in a unique way.  All these pictures were taken outside around my house the other day in the space of about five minutes.

Anyone can find something interesting to photograph if you look closely.  I love the pattern of this slatted chair on my front porch.Not what you would normally think of to photograph, but look at how gorgeous the texture is on these dead mums.  So happy I was lazy and didn’t throw them out when I should have.Love the variation of colors on this green pot.  Notice how narrow the band of focus is.  The f-stop for this pic was at 2.8 (my favorite!).Photographing outside with the snow gives you gorgeous, saturated color.  The overcast sky makes the outdoors a giant softbox, and the snow itself is a massive reflector, bouncing the light all around.  Gorgeous!I always use the focus points in my camera to place the focus exactly where I want it to be.  See the band of focus in the middle of this picture?  I could easily have changed it to have the foreground be in focus, or the leaves at the back of the picture.  Changing the focal point completely changes the look of a photo.  If you have a digital SLR, you likely CAN select your exact focus point.  Check your manual for this!

Thinking of taking on this assignment yourself?  I’d love to see the results!  Email your images to

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