Grungy and Grimey and… Gorgeous!!!

And so now you’re wondering… why would she post this random picture on her blog?

It’s a junky old room in some junky old building!

But wait.  You’ll see.  It gets better.  Because this building?  It’s right on the corner of the historic Carthage square.In the gorgeous “Uptown Downtown” building.  And the awesome owners?  Have agreed to let us use the loft space for shooting!!!  Yay!!!  And the best part?

is this amazing room.  I know, I know.  It’s got trash cans in the middle of the floor to catch raindrops.  We’ll move those.  But the light?  Every photographer’s dream.  This was actually used as a photography studio for about 50 years.  And now?  At least for an hour or two a week, this room will be happy again (looks a little lonely, don’t you think?).

A few shots from our first session to try out the space…

Our most heartfelt thanks to Dennis and Jackie from the fabulous Uptown Downtown for their generosity.  If you’re in need of beautiful decor for your home, please take your business to these wonderful folks!

Exciting news coming to our facebook fans this week!  Not a fan yet?  Join us here and be the first to know!!!

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