People often ask me what makes a great picture.  Is it lighting? (oh yes)  Composition? (sometimes) The beauty of the person being photographed? (not really)  What I’ve discovered about the photographs I love… those that draw me in and keep me coming back, is that they tell a story.  They make me want to know more.  That’s why wedding photography is a wonderful challenge for a photographer.  It’s a day filled with stories waiting to be told.

I’m always drawn to black & white or vintage tones for storytelling photographs.  The lack of color removes distractions – concentrates the emotion.

This is currently my favorite picture.  Love it!  Wouldn’t you just love to know what’s going through this little girl’s mind?  Is she dreaming of her own wedding someday?  Bored out of her mind?  Just wanting to get to the cake? Blaze was such a beautiful bride!

Doesn’t this picture just drive you crazy with curiosity?  Where is he? What was he looking at?  

I won’t keep you in suspense. : )This is one of Dave’s now-famous “hip shots”.  Don’t think that just because the camera isn’t pointing at you, you’re safe.  But this look of a mother to her son?  It’s the real thing.  So sweet.

The complete wedding gallery of Landon and Blaze is now live.  You can view the full collection of photographs here.  Don’t forget the password!

One thought on “Storytelling

  1. David, I’m sure you don’t remember me but I remember you as you were growing up in and around LRA. Your pictures of Dana, Brian and family were so wonderful, we all loved them. Tracy Jones Goodman sent all of Dana’s e mails to me over the course of their battle. I was so blessed by her words and by her faith.

    Do you ever take professional sittings while you are here visiting family? 3 of our 5 grandchildren are here, the other two are in Erick, Ok. If possible I would love to have you photograph them. Please let me know via e mail if that is a possibility.
    Thank You so much
    Patsy Smith

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