Parents and Hay Bales and Cows… Oh My!

Once you become a photographer, you no longer have just Thanksgiving.  You have a series of photo sessions with family, followed by a very large meal.  As a general rule, you should always do the sessions first, especially if dessert is included.  My creative juices slow down considerably after about 2000 calories.   We did lots of family pictures over the holidays, including these of my parents on “the farm”.  I told them I would try to treat it like an engagement session, but that usually involves having people snuggle up and kiss… and c’mon… these are my parents.  That’s just weird.  But I’m a professional, so I tried to suck it up.  I’m just so glad I’m not a podiatrist.

You can’t have pictures on the farm without including the cows.  My friends from high school can attest that my very first photographic subjects were cows (not these cows, but maybe their great-great-grandparents, who have long since gone to hamburger heaven).  Dave is obviously a city boy.  The cows did not love him.  He’s much better with preschoolers — really.

If cows don’t say “cheese”, what do they say?  Don’t really know the answer to that.  Just wondering.  Love these pics.

3 thoughts on “Parents and Hay Bales and Cows… Oh My!

  1. How blessed were we at Thanksgiving to have an award winning photographer daughter and husband team take our FUN pics! Hey….I’ll be glad you’re not a podiatrist too if you’ll be glad I don”t have the food catered in and your mom “LOVES” to cook! Ha Ha!!!! With all that butter and cream cheese those are probably more like 3000 calorie meals…..OOPS!!!! P.S. We think the cows say COTTAGE CHEESE!!!!!!! We LOVE you guys a bunch!!! The snow window pic of Ben is like him……precious !!!!!!!!!

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