Landon & Blaze got married.

Well, the Hunter and the Cheerleader are now… the bride and the groom!  Although that didn’t stop Landon and his groomsmen from going duck hunting the morning of the wedding.  Craziness!  I love this pic from Blaze & Landon’s wedding.  Definitely a favorite.

This was the most organized, put-together wedding ever, thanks to the fabulous Ms. J.  Had to get a shot of the ever-present clipboard.
Landon has long been one of our favorite people.  Part of me still sees him as that sweet chubby boy he was at what, 12?  (Don’t you just love that I wrote that about you Landon? : )  I should probably follow that up by saying that I would be honored if my son grew up to be just like him.  And now?  He’s found Blaze, who is such a perfect compliment to him in every way.  I love this pic from their first look.  So sweet.

Second favorite.  Who thought it was weird that I wanted to take a picture in the doorway to the bathroom?

*Sigh*  Another favorite.

Dave making friends at the reception. : )  He has a tux on since we had a first at this wedding.  He not only did photographs, but performed the ceremony as well!  

This is what happens in the kitchen when the DJ plays “Beat It”!   I so wish this was video.

Uh-Oh, another favorite.  

Our thanks to Blaze & Landon, and your wonderful family & friends.  It was an honor to be part of your day.  May your life together be blessed.

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