The Very Windy Day

What is it about this picture that reminds me of a movie poster for Charlie’s Angels (the prequel)?  I love it!  And I also love that the family chose it to grace the front of their Christmas card this year.  Any guesses as to the text?  I won’t give away that Christmas surprise.

The Dumm’s are one of my favorite families.  They entrusted me with pictures of big-girl Kate when she was just a baby (and my photography was definitely in the amateur, click-and-pray phase).  Actually, I think it was still film.  Scary.  The Dumms are our favorite attorneys – a combination of smart, down-to-earth, and fun.  They are also brave, since we shot these family photos on a crazy-windy day.  I’ve never photoshopped so many stray hairs in my life. : ) 

Did I happen to mention that these girls are adorable?  Oh my goodness.

This one cracks me up.

Thanks to the Dumms for braving the wind and sharing your sweet family.

3 thoughts on “The Very Windy Day

  1. These are great! I think I am in the click and pray phase…thankfully we have digital cameras and photoshop!! So far I haven’t had any complaints! Do you have a facebook fan page?

  2. Thanks for blogging us! We’re famous now! We are just loving our photos. You took 10 years and 30 pounds off me.


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