Red-Headed Craziness!

This is the crazy lovely Maple tree in my backyard.  This is a $10 funky-fun chair I bought at an estate sale.  And this is Leah.  Also crazy lovely, and funky-fun.Clements11

And this is in the field beside my house.  Don’t be fooled by it’s plush, cool exterior.  It is a favorite hiding spot for big brown spiders.  Just ask Leah.Clements20

This is the awesome yellow back-side of a row of buildings in downtown Carthage.  Somebody was cooking something yummy in one of those buildings.  It smelled like fry bread.  With sugar.  Sweet.Clements28sevLove. This.


And this.Clements38e

And this.Clements40bh

Bravest senior ever!  Would you want to do this in 50 degree weather?  I had gloves on!  And yes.  Love this too.Clements61elpClements47e

Thanks Leah, for being such a trooper!  Had such a fun afternoon with you and your entourage. : )

2 thoughts on “Red-Headed Craziness!

  1. I told Leah that she should send these pics in to “To Write Love On Her Arms” for them to advertise with…you did great!

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