Hot Coffee

I could list four hundred gazillion things I love about fall.  And I would, except for the fact that my coffee would get cold.  And I love my coffee – with that special autumn edition of “pumpkin spice” creamer (oops, I listed one, but that’s it.  stopping there.).  Okay… one more.  Then I’m stopping to enjoy my drink.  I love to share the season with my kids.  They love it.  I love it.  I love that they love it.  It’s a love-fest, fall.  And I’ve got the pictures to prove it.



I think perspective shots are so much fun.  My regular clients know that it’s not a complete session unless I’ve been standing on something or have been sprawled out on the ground.  But look at those leaves – that sky.  Sooooo worth the grass stains.

This is such a typical sequence of shots.  Here’s Emma, being all dramatic and serious (she’s gotten to the point where she cares what she looks like in pictures – ugh!), working on that perfect toss…_MG_8902

which is, of course, a prime opportunity for Ben to jump in front of the camera.  Obviously, he thinks this is hilarious.  And actually, I do too.

This is kind of a new thing with him.  He sees the camera out, and he heads right for it.  People ask me how I get this look, which is a slightly exaggerated perspective.  It’s just a wide lens – not a true “wide angle” or a fish eye (which I want, by they way), but this was pulled out to around 24mm.  Just enough to make Ben pop out at you.  _MG_8914_MG_8875_MG_8896

It just doesn’t get better than this.


One thought on “Hot Coffee

  1. Just had to “leave” a comment to the wonderful photographer/artist I fondly call my daughter. You really brought out that feeling of autumn with your combination of words and pictures……you are so talented. It sure made me “FALL” for those precious children!!!!!!! I love you so and am soooooo proud of you! Mom 🙂

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