Red-headed Preciousness

This may have been the easiest session ever.  Seriously.  Usually with a one-year-old I’m practically standing on my head, jumping around like a monkey, singing every pre-school song I know to just keep their attention, let alone getting them to smile.  But Linleigh?  She loved the camera!  The most pleasant, smiling, sweet girl ever – and with red hair to boot.  It doesn’t get any better than this.


A mom & dad favorite.  She’s wearing the christening gown of a great-grandparent.  I always love the idea of bringing or wearing something meaningful for photographs.  In this vintage tone there is something so timeless and precious about this photo.  Sigh._MG_6042v_MG_6028


_MG_6088sevThis one just makes me happy.  Look at those stunning blue eyes!

Thanks, sweet Linleigh.  You can come back anytime!

2 thoughts on “Red-headed Preciousness

  1. Oh, my goodness…she is darling! My favorite is the one just above the collage where she’s standing in the opening between the tall grasses. Beautiful work as usual.

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