And the Weiner is…

I guess the other title of this post could have been “How I Spent My Halloween with Dave’s Alter-Ego”, but since he had the cigar/weiner in his mouth all evening, I couldn’t resist.  “Dave’s Diner” was our gross-out booth/trunk at our church’s “Trunks of Treats”.  And… Yay!  We won first place.  It’s really not that important that we won first place, only important that we beat those competitive Lalli’s.  : )

Thankfully, the kids were much cuter.
We took them trick-or-treating on the square in downtown Carthage.  Which, except for the incident of Ben trying to take candy away from a poor old lady who wasn’t actually handing it out… was quite fun.  _MG_8995v


One thought on “And the Weiner is…

  1. I’ll take that “FREE PUPPY” anytime, at a moments notice! That vet can come too.(to take care of the puppy)She looks pretty high energy!!!!!! As usual the blogs are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

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