A Sneak Peek

You know how sometimes you look at a picture of someone and say, “that’s SO them“?  Well…._MG_7580bh

I had SO much fun photographing the Spinks last week.  And since we haven’t been able to get our schedules together for a proofing, and it looks like it’s going to be next week – I hated to make them wait – so we had to do a little  “sneak peek”.


Greg is the new preaching minister at our church.  I can’t begin to say how blessed we have already been by him and his fantastic family.  They’ve only been here a matter of months, and have already thrown themselves so fully into this community.   They are super-kind and crazy-fun.  In my book?  That’s a great combination.


What?  You already recognize the guy in the red?  OH!  You probably saw him standing up doing “the sprinkler” at a Webb City football game.  Or was it this morning at the Plaid Giraffe halloween party with a black plastic spider pressed into his forehead?  (don’t worry if you missed it – we’ve got a picture).  More to share from this session later!

2 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek

  1. Hey guys…I left a comment yesterday but I’m not sure it made it to you! If it did…then sorry for the repeat! Anyhoo…my hubby was just saying that he recognized Greg from NCYM a few years back…he said he was a long time YM. We are going on almost 10 yrs. of YM!

    Finally got my photography business up and running.
    Thank you for being an inspiration to me!!!

    1. Small world! We’re loving having the Spinks here. Having that background in YM makes for some energetic sermons. : ) Best of luck with your photography business.

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