The Blessing of Busy-ness

It’s true.  I’ve not been blogging as often as I intended.  I’m sorry!!!  It’s the busy time of year… and that is a really good thing when you’re in business for yourself.  We’re learning about this self-employment thing as we go along, and are finding that it can be both a blessing and a little bit of a pain.  But forget the pain –  the biggest blessing by far is the joy of working with our awesome clients, who remind us every day why we do what we do.  It’s so wonderful to know that we can help people stop time for just a little while – to capture memories they can hold in their hand.  I love this pic.  Such a great example of that.CavittBlog

We love Miss Carrie, the director of the Plaid Giraffe preschool.  We’ve done photos for the preschool for several years now, (a fun-filled place we highly recommend!) as well as doing Senior pics for her son, Landon Zerkel (who, incidentally, is named after another one of our favorite clients – Landon Taylor – see his engagement photos here).   Such a fun-tastic family!

More blogging to come!  I’ve got two red-heads (one precious – one wild) and a gaggle of crazy-sweet families to share!  Come back soon. : )

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