The Other Side of the Lens

I’m a big believer in the idea that you can’t really know what some things are like unless you experience them yourself.  Kind of like when you sample your baby’s “pureed peas” before feeding it to him (and then you know why he makes that face).  So this is what we did – our own family photo session.  Not our typical set-the-camera-on-the-tripod-and-snap-away-with-the-remote pictures, but a trade with our photographer friends Kelly & Ronda Lawson of Images of Art.  As it turns out, 1 couch + 1 chair + 1 dresser + 4 adults + 5 kids + 1 dog + 3 pizzas = lots of great pictures – and lots of fun.  Thanks so much to the Lawsons.  We hope you’re enjoying your pictures as much as we are ours.

We brought out props to reflect our style.  This dresser is one of my favorite things in our house.  I bought it all grungy and gross for $15 at a garage sale and re-did it.  When it came to our own family pictures, we just wanted to create something that said something about who we are – fun – creative – prone to silliness.  I’m also crazy about this color scheme – turquoise and red.  Clients always ask me “what should we wear for pictures?”, and I tell them to choose 3-4 colors to use.  I’d rather match, not coordinate.  We are not a family of quadruplets.  We are individuals, but we blend.  I love how this picture is fun to look at.  Your eye kind of jumps around to the pops of red.  It makes me happy.  And that is what a picture should do – make you feel something.IMG_1088e

And just so you know, your kids aren’t the only ones who won’t cooperate for pictures….IMG_1091sev

So now I can empathize with all those moms who have to “take five” with their kids during a session… to console… to offer sugary bribes….IMG_1129


And, oh my goodness!  Now I SO know what other moms go through when they have to look at themselves in pictures.  I remember once upon a time when I looked decent in almost any picture.  Now I’m just so thankful that I have enough Photoshop skills to edit myself into a state I can live with (and yes, I can do it for you too).  I actually love this picture of David & me.  He can be very sweet when his ipod is put away.IMG_1233e

This one is my favorite.  You can probably guess why.  There’s just a sweetness to it – and it’s real-life for us.  We do this thing in our family that we call a “peanut butter and jelly hug” (mom and dad are the bread).  The kids love it, and we just thought it would be a great way to capture the feeling of our family at this time in our lives.  The kids won’t be little for long.  They may not always want to snuggle up with us for pictures.  And I want to remember what this feels like.  Right now.IMG_1184vc

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