Schedule today! You can cry later.

I know.  I know how you feel about having your picture taken…_MG_7214

but it’s Autumn.  And the trees are starting to turn.  And it’s beautiful._MG_7156

I know you don’t see things my way._MG_7286

Maybe it’s that you don’t like your smile?_MG_7321

Or is it just being so close to family?_MG_7288

You should certainly express how you feel._MG_7258

You can even try to escape if you want to._MG_7331

But I have the feeling that it’s going to happen whether you like it or not,_MG_7240

because it’s Autumn… and that’s when everyone gets their family pictures taken._MG_7211

whether they like it or not._MG_7250e

(thanks Henry… I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much while editing! : )

Here’s your reminder folks!  The leaves are turning and we’ve got about three weeks before it’s all over.  We’re going to shoot all day everyday if we need to, so give us a call today to snag one of these limited slots!

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