Taylor in the Sun

Sometimes, making someone look gorgeous in pictures requires no skill from this photographer at all.  AT ALL.  Taylor is a prime example.


I’m in love with this picture.  I’d been looking at the latest Anthropologie catalog before I took these – totally influenced by the hazy romantic glow of it all._MG_4806sev



I’m completely breaking my own rules for photography with this one.  You really should never shoot your subject in harsh sunlight like this.  Poor Taylor’s eyes were watering, but I just had to use this cool magazines-in-the-window background (notice the bra ad over her left shoulder – ha!).  Love that you can see my shadow in the corner too.  Very fashion magazine-ish._MG_4967sev

I call this the J-Lo pic.  Stunning!_MG_4909c_MG_4994cp_MG_4946sev

My thanks to Taylor and Peggy for an awesome evening.

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