Quirky fun in Eureka Springs

A continuation of our mini escape would not be complete without a picture from Beaver, Arkansas.  There you have it.

Dear Ermilios,  You were our favorite Eureka Springs restaurant.  Oh how we swooned over your oven-roasted garlic and delicious pasta sauces.  We told our friends about you.  You had our heart.  We planned a special visit with you in mind.  You decided to take “a little R&R”.  Heartless beast!!!  We will never, ever darken your door again!  (take-out may be an option, but we’ll do so only under the cloak of darkness).  We expect an apology.  And a coupon would be nice too._MG_5302v

On into town for a little shopping.  Doesn’t this dress just whisper “Autumn” ?  Unfortunately, it also whispers “small waist”.  It is a rather mean-spirited dress.  Pretty, but mean.


This shop is my new favorite for clothes.  Probably a good thing it’s a three-hour drive away from me, or I would be mad at it too.  Like the dress.  Just the name of it drew me in “Love Me Two Times” – “Resale, Remade, Vintage Clothing” (Main Street).  I browsed the $5 rack outside, then walked in to this…_MG_5374_MG_5373_MG_5377

Oh, so fun!  Thanks to the kind shopkeeper, Janet, for allowing me to capture this great place.  With a little saving on the clothing budget, I may just be back for a little vintage cashmere number.  _MG_5378

While shoe-shopping I had the opportunity to meet this famed Eureka Springs artist.  Someone quick, send me a comment with her name since I missed it!!!  Don’t you just know she’s a creative spirit by the fabulous hat?  And the eyes… something about the eyes._MG_5382e

And as if one incredible new shop weren’t enough, I happened onto this gem – “Antique Affaire” on Center Street (and yes, I did actually post a picture with myself in it… look for it…)._MG_5433_MG_5422The shopkeeper was so much fun.  They have a whole bookshelf of items with a sign “What is it?”, which he talked me through.  The one I totally missed?  Antique bug zapper.  Go figure.  Sorry to ruin the surprise.  And the shopkeeper?  Probably wouldn’t have been nearly as nice if he’d known how hard I was going to bargain with him later.


Taken before he started to hate me.

This neat little turquoise metal stool came home with me (look for it as a prop in pictures soon!).  NOT the cat & fish.  Ever._MG_5437

No more vacation for us.  It’s back to the fall portrait rush… preschools and senior and families (Oh My!).  More posts with REAL work soon.

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