A Weekend Away

There’s this thing that happens as you progress through a marriage.  Life gets busy.  Everything else seems so much more important than your relationship.  You get so preoccupied with remodeling the bathroom and updating your life insurance and perfecting your spaghetti sauce, that you completely let your tenth anniversary slip by (or – I don’t know – maybe that’s just me).  Anyway, for our 11th anniversary we actually made the decision to not let it slip by unnoticed.  So it was down to Eureka Springs to the Stone Meadow Resort for the weekend.


Three days with this handsome guy.  We watched all 7 hours of our favorite movie, and even made a dent in reading copies of all those old emails from our dating days.  So cheesy.


We tried out the hot tub under the stars (yep, that’s the only pic you’re getting of that!)…_MG_5279

explored some mysterious places,_MG_5460e

dorked around_MG_5357


met some interesting people,_MG_5383v

slept late and drank lots and lots of coffee…_MG_5282e

thought about who we’d become in the next eleven years…_MG_5305v

and just enjoyed who we are.  Right now._MG_5314col

More details from the weekend to come… including my two new favorite fabulous, quirky shops!

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