The Peanut is growing up

Conner doesn’t even know it, but he’s already got quite a history with us here.  I’ve been photographing him since he was just a peanut… or a jelly bean… or a (choose your own small-ish shapely food to insert here).  And here.  And here.  Needless to say, by the time he’s two, he’s going to think I’m just a strange aunt who comes around every so often and makes goofy faces at him.  And that’s okay with me.


I love this picture.  There’s just something about a daddy with little boys.black31v

black41bhNow THIS is a photo that screams out for a caption.  Any ideas?black17black50b

Hang in there sweet Conner.  Crazy Aunt Whitney will be coming around again soon. : )

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