The Hunter and the Cheerleader

We’re so excited to be photographing the wedding of Blaze and Landon in December.  This family has been special to us for a long time, and there’s nothing we love more than documenting life’s joys for our favorite people.  Even if they do plan on going duck hunting the morning of their wedding…. : )


We’ve been having so much fun with our engagement sessions lately – expanding them to include multiple outfits and locations.  Love this cool door we found in downtown Jasper.Taylor_Chapman134fp

And yes, I know not too many people would be excited to see an old open garage like this – but as a photographer who loves great light…_MG_3720s

I thought it would be fabulous for this,Taylor_Chapman125v

and this.Taylor_Chapman130bhTaylor_Chapman151bh

The thing that’s most fabulous about this picture isn’t just the juicy sunlight or the great shadows (although I do looove them) – it’s the construction worker in the background who was yelling “How sweet!”.  See him?Taylor_Chapman131cp

Yes, unplanned and a little on the crazy side, but when you see miles and miles of glorious cornfields – you’ve gotta do something.Taylor_Chapman160

Even if it means sitting on Dave’s shoulders to get the shot.Taylor_Chapman166gfcTaylor_Chapman156ovTaylor_Chapman155

Congratulations to Blaze & Landon.  We can’t wait for your big day.

5 thoughts on “The Hunter and the Cheerleader

  1. *sniff* how precious. I love Landon and I’m so proud of him…she really looks like a wonderful young lady. I don’t know her at all…but I love her too! Awesome pictures Whitney/David…awesome!

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